Where can I go fishing?

Thanks to the internet, finding good fishing spots is easier than ever. There are hundreds of websites packed with information about prime public fishing waters and the types of fish that can be caught in each. A few minutes spent on your favorite search engine should turn up many options.

State fish and wildlife agencies provide some of the best information. All 50 states have such agencies, and all the agencies have websites with fishing sections that include where-to-go information. You can find links listed on the Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies website. Provincial agencies in Canada are listed there as well, along with organizations like the Recreational Fishing & Boating Foundation that can help in your search.

You’ll find useful information of all kinds on these websites, including descriptions of the fishing waters; interactive maps; locations of fishing piers, bank-fishing areas and boat ramps; fishing regulations; license information; weekly fishing reports; state and lake records; fish identification tips; and much more.

Continue your internet search to find helpful information on these fishing destinations, too.

Family and community fishing waters

State fisheries agencies often establish agreements with municipalities that allow them to manage small lakes and ponds to provide urban fishing opportunities. These waters usually are kept well stocked with fish and provide excellent bank fishing. Special fishing events, beginner fishing clinics and tagged fish contests often are offered by participating agencies, with a special emphasis on fishing activities for families, kids and retirees.

State park fishing waters

Lakes, ponds and streams in state parks are worth learning about, too. Most are easy to fish, with good bank- or pier-fishing options. Rental boats often are available as well. Weekends and holidays may draw lots of visitors, especially in spring and summer. But during weekdays and cooler months, you often can enjoy fishing and other outdoor activities with few interruptions. Plug for bass in the morning and hike a trail in the afternoon. Enjoy a refreshing swim followed by some fly fishing. Cast for catfish, then swap fishing tales by a campfire. Opportunities are many

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