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Andrew began fishing at the age of six when his father took him to a local trout stream. He fell in love with the solitude of the stream and with the beauty of the small trout he was able to tease out from log jams and undercut banks. Growing up along the banks of the Maitland River in Huron County, Ontario, Andrew’s passion for fishing continued to grow. He visited the river almost daily, and he learned as much as he could from other anglers. Andrew has been fishing for more than 40 years, and he has been an avid fly fisherman for more than two decades. He enjoys the solitude the river provides, and he takes every opportunity to get out on the water. Andrew loves to share his passion for fishing with others, and he takes advantage of every opportunity to help young anglers find their own passion for the sport.

DEREK Campbell

Derek began his fishing journey at a young age. While visiting his family in the mid-west, Derek often spent his Summers at his uncle’s lake house, where he learned to fish & play guitar. After spending the last 20 years as a touring musician, he now works as a bounty hunter & is the host of a popular YouTube fishing channel called Kickin’ Bass TV! As an avid bass angler, Derek dedicates his time to teaching other anglers how to hone their craft, by creating informative how-to videos & entertaining content to share with the fishing community!

You’ll also find a number of Derek’s videos on the Bassdash channel, as he has been helping to grow the brand for over a year now, by featuring many Bassdash products in his promotional videos. Derek is looking forward to working with Bassdash to design even more amazing fishing gear!

“The world is made up of water & vast, so pick your spot & make your cast!”


Passionate kayak angler who loves to explore new destinations and discover new species all while helping to promote and expand the sport of kayak fishing on the East Coast. Johnny also competes in the Hook & Paddle Premier Kayak Fishing Tournament where he finished with multiple 1st place finishes in 2020 and 2021.

John Ward

By age 5, I was already hooked on fishing in both freshwater and saltwater, igniting a lifelong passion for the outdoors. Around 2016, I discovered the online fishing community and created my private Facebook group to escape the negativity I encountered as an admin in other groups. I shifted my focus to Fish & Tackle Talk, connecting with local anglers. I'm a multi-species enthusiast who thrives in late nights and early mornings, surf fishing for stripers and blues and even Fluke in the Atlantic Ocean and back bays alone the Jersey shore where I've lived for 47 years, as well as creeks, rivers, lakes etc..for species like largemouth bass, chain pickerel, yellow perch, crappie, and sunfish. I still have many species and destinations on my bucket list and hope to fish the rest of my life. I love a challenge, fishing is my therapy and when I am most happy...and im 24/7 bassdash fishing machine!💯❤


To say I'm passionate about the outdoors and fishing would be an understatement. Nothing is more satisfying to me than spending a couple hours, quiet and alone with nature and my thoughts. Testing myself against the elements, in pursuit of that next big catch. "The charm of fishing is the pursuit of something that is elusive, but obtainable."Outdoor Content Creator, Photographer and Social Media Influencer. Find me on all platforms… Limestone City Angler - located in Kingston, Ontario Canada.


Nicole is a mom of both an enthusiast, wildlife-conservationist, charming little boy and a wild, free-spirited, beautiful little girl. Her husband and her own two businesses together. Being an outdoor family and waterfowl hunters, having 5 Labrador Retrievers comes by no surprise. She is also a fitness and cycle instructor, an avid lady angler, and huntress. She has been submerged in the outdoors ever since she was a little girl growing up in East Texas. She loves to fish a lot on the Texas Coast targeting mainly redfish and trout as well as duck hunting the coastal bay. She loves all things outdoors, health, fitness and things that involve family.

Nicole is excited to be a part of a fast growing company that supports women, men and kids apparel and more, like Bassdash. It’s an honor to be on the pro staff team, she says, looking forward to growing with the company and sharing her insights and experience to help produce top notch products at affordable costs.


One of the many great anglers from Kern County. Loves to be on the hunt for Striped Bass, engages into his community and large Facebook following as owner of Poor Man Aqueduct Fishing. He is blessed to be able to do what he loves and bring great content, fishing tips and knowledge on the California Aqueduct fishing. IT’S ZEBRA TIME!

Tyler Justin

I began my life of fishing at the age of 6, with my dad teaching me and guiding the way to introduce me to the world of fly fishing. Fast forward 30 years and 12 moves later, I am now a flyfisherman/ regular Fisherman. Over time I have evolved to become a multi species angler constantly on the hunt for a tug on the line and the next experience. I am also an avid kayak angler. I am lucky to be surrounded by like minded people, and I have been growing a thriving youtube channel and fishing community. For me it's not about the numbers or being noticed, it's about sharing the passion and excitement for all things Angling. From the fog coming off the water first thing in the morning to the smallest trout coming up to take a fly, it's all about living and breathing the experience. It's an Honor to be able to work with a company like bassdash who creates quality, angler-driven products and brings out the best in the community.

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