In a non stop world, racing forward at breakneck speed, we find time to balance work, fishing, love and life. Bassdash is a new fishing tackle brand with a sophisticated downtown attitude that was created for precisely the way we live today. We start with our customers’ requirements. We are also fishermen and fisherwomen so we understand why experience, functionality and reliability must come first. In each aspect of our business, from design to production to sales, we set our standards high and are dedicated to creating an experience that celebrates our makers, our doers, and our community. Each piece you purchase is carefully manufactured by our dedicated teams, who bring our mission to life.

At Bassdash we want to remain a small company with the greatest products. That is why we focus on exclusive sales from our factory directly to you! We promise that you pay for product, not marketing or distribution.

As Bassdash grows, the company continues to stay true to its brand purpose: keeping our quality high and valuing our customers above all.

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