Bassdash 3-Pack Vertical Jigs Luminous Slow Jigging Fishing Lure

Specs: 40 grams (1-13/32 oz); Length = 83mm (3-17/64in) 60 grams (2-1/8 oz); Length = 95mm (3-3/4in) 80 grams (2-27/32 oz); Length = 104mm (4-3/32in) 100 grams (3-1/2 oz); Length = 112mm (4-7/16in) 150 grams (5-9/32 oz); Length = 128mm (5-1/16in) 200 grams (7-1/16 oz); Length = 140mm (5-33/64in) 250 grams...
  • The slow jigs are made with one heavier side and one novel ladder-like side, creating the jig with flat fall erratic sliding and wobbling motions - super easy to work to achieve peak action
  • Unlike "speed jigging" where jig falls in a straight line, the slow jigs will be fluttering all way down, giving chances to slower species to grab the lure and increasing your chances of catching fish
  • Striking holographic colors and with multi-angle laser coating, ideal for reflecting light and attracting fish from a significant distance
  • With luminous stripes – in low light or murky waters, luminous tackle mirrors actual biological triggers that encourage fish to bite
  • Brilliant for a very broad range of fish species and a very broad range of fish sizes: trout, tunas, blue fin, yellow fin, kingfish, cobia, amberjacks, jacks, bonito, snappers, groupers

Ideally rigged with single or double assist hooks. 

Drop to desired depth and begin rhythmic lifts of the rod tip. The jig should appear to be fleeing. Or work with a sharp upward motion, then allow the lure to flutter back down. Or you simply drop the lure overboard and slowly lift your rod up and down once you reach a certain depth, this sort of jigging has also been known to be effective by simply placing your fishing rod in your boats rod holders with lure attached and let the boat and swell motion do all the work for you whilst you concentrate on other forms of fishing such as bottom bashing with bait. 

As slow jig is a bit larger and fall flat, it has a tendency to DRAG during the fall, especially when water current is strong and you need to go deep. Always keeping line straight is crucial, if you want to feel the bite. So, it's very important to choose the correct jig weight and choose the thinner fishing line as possible. 

If you see your line taking a horizontal path, that simply means current is too strong or your jig is too light. Bring everything up and exchange for a heavier jig. Sometimes when current is too strong, you need to cast in front of the current to let the jig fall straight to your fishing area. If the boat is equipped with a sea anchors, it's very helpful. 


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